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I cant get the image out of my head,(Friends, my first attempt at WOW. Do write in your valuable comments )
I was in standard ten. At the end of a dreary week, there was a flier, saying that there will be a school excursion to Goa. A good 10 days without those dull and dreary  classes, loads of homework and nagging parents. The jubilant teenagers hit the roof with joy and almost all confirmed for the trip and had a whooping whale of a time. The next year, it was Chennai, again a beach place amongst all the temples and stuff. Then it was Trivandrum, Raameshwaram and Kanya Kumari. 
WAVES, big waves, huge waves, outrageous waves and atrocious waves. The seas and oceans were always associated with voluptuous wavy waves and big time fun.

Decades later, settled in Mumbai, now a mother of  two, heard about a little beach village called Alibaugh. Ventured out for a weekend of fun, to bring back all those beach y -- wavy  memories, tucked away, during the process of settling down from a boisterous bindaas bhidu to a subtle mother of two.

Checked  into a quiet beach side resort. Me - Opened the gates of my tucked away memories and proceeded to have a whooping whale of a time. My memories of those carefree girly days along the sandy-pebbly beaches, its wavy waves as the grumbling grew to a mighty rumbling; And out of the oceans the waves came tumbling. Great waves, small waves, lean waves, black waves, gray waves, along with the rains contributing to the fun and frolic, kids loved the beach time fun. ( hubby happy with his chilled beer and a over-stuffed plate of the Koli’s preparation of bombil and jhingaa fry). Hearts laden with gratification and happiness drew the curtains to slumber away after an energetic and eventful, content day.
After a fit-full undisturbed no dreams sleep, totally rejuvenated and ready for another day with the monstrous waves, opened the window screens, to feast my eyes on the visions of the roaring seas,  from the floors above. 

Stretches and stretches of land and only land met the unsuspicious eyes. Right up to the distant, endless horizons. Utterly shaken and totally disheartened, I ran down in my night gown, towards the shores to see the remains of the sea, seen the previous night.  ALAS!!       -------  I CANT GET THE IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD-----------

Decades later, I get to see and learn about something called tides. And that too - a high tide and a low tide.!! My geography teacher will be so pleased with me today ,to see/hear me teaching my kids about the tides. It surely is a lesson well learn t. No matter, decades later. Coz, its better late then never.
Today, you can often see us at ALIBAUGH, staying at the same resort, just because
      -------  I CANT GET THE IMAGE OUT OF MY HEAD-----------!!


theteacerebration said...

Interesting first attempt! Congrats on the WOW :)

Viyoma said...

Perception change with Knowledge of Tides...superb! My experience with geography has been something similar. Before joining a Shipping Co - I was a commerce graduate. Today - with 7 years into this industry, I have better visual understanding of World Maps, Sea routes. Tides, Ports, Nautical Miles have become a part of my daily vocabulary.
Congrats on WoW

sunitha hari said...

thank you very much. much appreciated. u seem to have a very interesting home page. impressive..:)

sunitha hari said...

thank you viyoma. from a place where i've seen seas only in books and movies.. this was a real big feel those goosebumps that morning was eerie.

Abhishek Ghosh said...

congo on ur WOW post

sunitha hari said...

thanks abhishek....better late no??